Author Topic: Can CFCA be run on Sensor Chip™ Protein A? YES  (Read 847 times)

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Can CFCA be run on Sensor Chip™ Protein A? YES
« on: January 18, 2016, 07:53:44 AM »
Can CFCA be run on Sensor Chip™  Protein A?
Yes, it is possible to run CFCA on Sensor Chip Protein A and completely rely on the results if the sample is diluted 1:100 or more in running buffer. For less dilution, if any bulk effect is observed, the CFCA results must be treated with caution and it is up to the user to assess the quality of the data.
Ideally, a blank reference surface and blank subtractions are recommended for CFCA since subtraction of signals on the reference surface allows for compensation for non-perfect match of sample and running buffers (i. e., for bulk refractive index effects), whereas subtraction of buffer signal corrects for the assay drift.
On Sensor Chip Protein A, however, it is not possible to use a blank reference surface and therefore bulk compensation cannot be done. However, since the dynamic range of CFCA for proteins allows for the concentration determinations in the nanomolar region, sample is most often greatly diluted (≥ 100 times) in a running buffer before the measurement and any bulk effect can be disregarded and the CFCA results considered reliable.