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Important Information - Please Read!
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:45:46 AM »
This forum exists as a free resource to support the scientific community with a place to discuss topics related to 2-D Electrophoresis. GE staff regularly monitors and reply to this forum, but it is not intended as a place to resolve product or service issues. If you have a technical support inquiry or a customer service request, then contact us.

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1. Respect the GE Moderators - They are participating on these forums to provide guidance, advice and help facilitate conversation for the benefit of the community.

2. Spam and Unsolicited Advertising - Posts that contain overtly promotional linking, link to non-related sites, or repeatedly post the same content will be removed and the poster may be banned.

3. Profanity - Will absolutely not be tolerated and posts using profanity are subject to moderation and/or removal.

4. Attachments - Are limited to 4MB per post. Allowable file extensions include: doc, gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, txt, zip.

5. Signatures - Are limited to a 300 character maximum.

6. Reporting to Moderators - Should you wish to report a post to a moderator this can be done through the functionality on the topic thread or by direct messaging a moderator referencing the offending post.
Although the moderators and administrators of these forums will attempt to keep all objectionable material off the forum and respond to all issues promptly, this is not always possible. All messages express the individual views of the poster and not those of GE Healthcare. The forum moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, move or close a thread for any reason.

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