Author Topic: Scanning DIGE gels on glass platen stage of FLA 5100  (Read 4076 times)

james monkman

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Scanning DIGE gels on glass platen stage of FLA 5100
« on: June 07, 2013, 01:24:57 AM »
Hi all,
We are looking at performing a DIGE experiment, but only have access to an FLA 5100 scanner with correct filters etc. It only has the glass platen stage, and not the 'multi' stage designed for scanning glass plates. I am wondering if anyone knows if it is OK to scan the DIGE gels in their plates ontop of the glass platen, or will this disrupt the correct focal plane?
I remember the previous typhoons had a +3mm scanning option to adjust for this, but don't see an option for this in the FUJI controller software.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Re: Scanning DIGE gels on glass platen stage of FLA 5100
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2013, 08:49:22 AM »
Hi James,
I am not familiar with the FLA scanner, we have a Typhoon ourselves. But I would recommend against scanning the gels in glass on top of a platen without the appropriate hardware and settings. In terms of hardware, you have to make sure to raise the gel plates a little bit above the platen surface to avoid Newton rings. That could be rigged by putting a layer or two of tape around the edges of the plates. But if your scanner can't be set to scan at a distance from the platen, you would likely compromise your resolution, i.e. the scan would be out of focus. You should probably check with the vendor/manufacturer to make sure it really can't do it. Then, the only option is to put the gel directly on the platen. Not a terrible proposition, but it will cause some distortion of the gel.


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