Author Topic: High background with ECL Prime????  (Read 4645 times)

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High background with ECL Prime????
« on: November 29, 2011, 12:52:54 AM »
Hi there,

Lately I have experienced a number of questions regarding high background with ECL Prime and realize that it could be due to a misunderstanding with the recommendations which I would like to sort out!

ECL Prime is the next generations ECL solution replacing ECL Plus, it is therefore an improved ECL solution with strong signal intensity, high sensitivity and a stable signal meetings todays demand when working quantitatively. If you are used to ECL Plus and you want to change to Prime you can basically use the same antibody dilutions if you are working with CCD imagers for detection, however if you are using film for detection you should dilute your primary antibodies more otherwise you risk to get higher background.
We recommend two times higher primary antibody dilutions and two to four times higher secondary antibody dilutions. This is not a disadvantage since you will save money because you use less antibodies. In addition it is important to follow the recommendations for washing, two rinses and then 4-6 times five min washes.

My best wishes for excellent Western blotting results!
GE Maria