How to save precious primary antibodies

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Author Topic: How to save precious antibodies and money when working with Western blotting.  (Read 3529 times)

GE Maria

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Lately I have been aware that many scientists working with Western blotting are often using higher concentrations primary antibody than necessary. Of cause this is not wrong but could in worst case cause high background and unspecific binding. By using lower primary antibody concentration you will reduce the cost for antibodies and might improve the result. Today’s high performing ECL reagents like ECL Prime it is not unlikely that you can use primary antibody dilutions like 1:10 000 of cause depending on what kind of antibody you are working with. So a good advice for those of you running frequently western blotting: try to dilute your antibodies and see what’s happening! Run your sample, cut your membrane in strips, and probe with a few different antibody concentrations. With a low labor effort once, you will most likely find that you can dilute your primary antibodies more than you first believed.
Good luck!